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Hagen's means 3 generations of Unexcelled Fishing
This was the slogan on the business card Ben Hagen used for his resort business on Kitchi Lake Minnesota decades ago. Three generations later, we still do business by that slogan.

Hagen’s has over thirty years experience manufacturing quality tackle components. Our selection of fishing tackle components is unmatched by any other manufacturer in the business. We offer a wide variety of products from long time industry standards to new components we sell, our prices are very competitive.

Our Promise

Competitive Prices

Hagen’s has maintained prices wherever possible. Where a price increase is needed, the increase reflects only the amount needed to cover our costs.

Reliable Customer Service

No matter what the size of your order, you will get the service you deserve. We want to serve our customers in the most convenient and efficient manner possible.

100% Customer Satisfaction

Hagen’s guarantees 100% customer satisfaction. If for any reason, you are not completely satisfied with our products, please contact our customer service representatives within 60 days of receiving your order to make arrangements for an exchange or return of that product.

On Time Deliveries

Our experienced staff at Hagen’s will work for you to give you on time deliveries.

Large Inventories

Our inventories have never been larger. We are working hard to maintain these inventories throughout the year.

Widest Selection Available

Hagen’s has 208 pages to choose from, filled with a variety of quality component items. We are confident that our selection is unmatched in the component industry.

Custom Manufacturing Capabilities

Because we manufacture all spinner blades and spoons here at our facility, we have the capabilities to customize your order. From painting and pad printing to stamping, we can do it all!

In addition, our complete machine shop facility allows us to custom produce a variety of products.


Hagen’s wants to be your reliable component source. We are constantly working to improve what we do. Please call us with any questions or comments. Our customers are our best source for new ideas and suggestions.